Owner Rhonda Rhodes, a novelist and attorney, once wrote a book about a female character whose path is revealed to her by a series of events and coincidences that are too systematic to be random, too perfect to be chance. That is as good an explanation as any for the existence of The Lift, a popular indie bookstore owned by the Houston Heights-area native.

The Lift’s hand-selected reads are complimented with high-quality gifts, jewelry, stationery, greeting cards, toys, local-interest items, journals, fashion accessories, personal accessories, and home décor. The abundance of items that fill The Lift can’t help but delight the senses and inspire the soul. If it’s a gift, be assured that the friendly staff will prepare the item ready for giving in our colorful bags and tissue, at no cost to you.

Browse in to find a book that you can't put down, buy a gift for someone special, or just enjoy the cutest shop around the corner in Houston!  

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